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I mentioned earlier that I've been having unusually creative and vivid dreams for the past month or so, especially noticeable because I remember them after I wake up (semi-unusual for me). I think this may be a medication side-effect, but I don't know. I'm WAY more sympathetic to people who have taken the semi-hallucinogenic malaria drugs. Here's a sample of my night-insanity. You be the judge.

*Dad and brother die in catastrophic car accident a block from my house
*I am watersliding through Russia. Like, all of Russia.*
*It's an incredibly rainy day in LFP, everything is flooded, Mom and I go to an old funeral home and then end up buying bread at some flea market
*I'm in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, which looks a lot like Aurora Village. I eat lunch in the courtyard where the ceremony starts and then check out a huge warehouse of masks.
*I dream that I go into the future 6 months and my dad is dead. I wake up, upset, go back to sleep, and dream that I'm planning the funeral, and there's a minister there who's a complete asshat to me (this was last night).
*It's winter, and every cabin at Taylor now has its own airstrip, for safety. It looks like the arctic tundra, and Tyler and I are staying in some concrete junk room with buzzing fluorescent lamps, and a large freezer containing some gross melted-popsicle sculpture left by previous tenants.
*My body is really light for some reason. I'm walking with Tyler in Santa Fe, which looks a lot like Olympic National Park, and I fly up into the air, then crash down on the ground so hard that it knocks my soul out of my body. I can't go back into my body while I'm unconscious, so I go walking around, limping (my soul now has a broken leg), try to find Tyler, take a shortcut through a community college, and end up getting stalked/chased by an ex-boyfriend.
*We've set up a HUGE hydroponics system alongside the Taylor airstrip, which generates electricity for some reason. Holly gives me a pair of slippers shaped like bison.
*Riding in some huge flying machine, crash horribly in Ethiopia.
*Hike down to the Middle Fork (8 miles downstream), which now contained a large city made up of interconnecting box stores (so you never have to go outside). I decide to do some resupplying, realize I was hiking topless and have no shirt, shrug it off, and make it most of the way through a mall before anyone notices. Make do with plastic grocery bag tied across my chest. Gawk at crazy prom dresses for a while, get suckered into buying a weird quilt, and spend my entire
*I'm in London, shopping around (WTF with the shopping dreams?). I go into a dark basement store that's heaped with textiles and furs. I get stuck in the elevator, but the elevator is glass and can fly, so I fly all over town until the repair folks come (Tyler: "you're trapped in a Wonkavator?").

*This was by far the most fun dream ever. Then Tyler said "were you watersliding in vodka?" NO.
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The Green Fairy Book

When I was little, I used to have a favorite book at my Nana's house. It was a green hardback, and it was crammed with fairy tales...but really original ones, ones from around the world that I'd never heard before.

I've been trying to find some of my older childhood books these days (yay Abebooks) and I thought I'd try to track down this particular one. I didn't remember much about it (the only story I remembered was about a trio of sisters who had one, two, and three eyes, respectively), but I thought I'd give it a shot. What the heck.

BAM. I get success on my very first Google hit for that story. The whole story was readable online, and most of the sources I found said that the story was part of a book called The Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. That made some sense, since I remember that the book's cover was green. I also found a site that listed the other stories in the book, and a few of them did sound familiar.

So I started searching on Abebooks. And of course, I got a lot of hits for versions I didn't want, like cheap paperback copies with faux-antequated designs on the covers, or Tales From The Green Fairy Book, which translates to We Couldn't Be Bothered To Put ALL The Stories You Liked In This Version. Pleh.

But in the process, I discovered something critical. Andrew Lang did not assemble just one Fairy Book. He assembled TWELVE. The Crimson Fairy Book, The Olive Fairy Book, The Blue Fairy Book, and on and on.

Because the booksellers on Abebooks almost always just use the same stock photo for their book, rather than a photograph of the actual copy, I wandered over to eBay to see if I could find a copy that looked like the one I'd read. And I didn't, but OH MAN, YOU GUYS.

It is a 1902 printing of The Green Fairy Book with a beautiful bitchin' dragon stamped on the cover.


I don't consider myself a collector of rare or antique books, but a book that I loved as a kid in a package as gorgeous as that? KRYPTONITE.
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I'm feeling domestic today. Washed the bedsheets, made some fresh bread (delicious and easy recipe after the cut), and rolled out a pie crust for quiche. Because we can only get limited supplies here, our menu hasn't had as much variety as I would like*. We've done okay for a while, but the same meals over and over is getting us down, so we're dying to try some new things (suggestions welcome).

Not too much else to report, except for a bigger work-related post I'll do later. Still no word on any other job opportunities, including the jobs in New Mexico.

I'm bummed that we haven't heard anything, but I'm dealing with it a lot better.

I guess that's all for now.

*lentils and rice, beans and rice, quinoa, polenta, eggs and toast, pasta and marinara, ramen, pizza, cereal (hot and cold), mashed potatoes, seitan, enchiladas.

Delicious French bread...Collapse )
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This journal is overdue for a life update, which I promise I will do soon. But not now, because I'm sitting around in Arnold Aviation and I don't feel like it.

All I really want to say after having traveled in a car for a week with our cat is this:

You know you have read too much LOLspeak when at some point in the aircraft hangar, you turn to your unhappy cat and say "Pan, just one more Do Not Want, and then you Can Has."

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I've spent the last few days helping my Mom clean out some of the last nooks and crannies of the house. This has been an ongoing project for several years now. It's a bit tedious, but Mom and Dad aren't asking anything of me right rent, no food, no I feel the least I can do is help out.

After several years of pecking away at it, we finally blitzkrieged Mom's closet, which was mostly full of her old clothes from working at the bank (or teaching Sunday School) 20 years ago. Mom hates to shop, so most of the clothes she's been wearing the last few years have been things she stole from me or inherited from friends. This will change. Anyway, we got rid of everything in the closet that she never wears, putting the nostalgic stuff up in the attic and the truly hideous or damaged in the garbage or Goodwill bin.

Everything was so dusty that we had to stop halfway through and get my vacuum cleaner (which has a HEPA filter) out of the storage unit so I could stop sneezing miserably for hours on end.

We got down to the smaller stuff in the dressers today, like old glasses and little crafts she'd socked away when Jason and I made them as kids. It was really fun going through all the jewelry, some of which I'd never seen. Some was set aside for Goodwill (novelty pins, clip-on earrings), the gaudier stuff was put in the costume box, Mom saved her favorite things until we can get an organizing system in place (i.e. not a basket full of Ziploc bags), and she gave me first crack at anything she didn't want anymore. She got rid of a lot of things from her girlhood and I couldn't save everything, but I saved some. Like her earrings she wore to Tolo with my dad, a huge turquoise pendant that used to be my grandmother's, and some vintage earrings with the Space Needle on them, from the World's Fair when the Space Needle first opened. Mom saved up her allowance money to give them as a gift to her mother. She didn't want them.

Anyway, it was really cool to have some old pieces of jewelry that once meant something to my Mom. None of them are valuable (except maybe the Space Needle stuff), but it means a lot more to me this way.

Also, this conversation:

Me: "Okay, what's in this bag...WHAT THE HELL, MOM?!?"
Mom: "What?"
Me: (holds up silver pendant thingy) "THESE ARE RED ALDER CONES"
Mom: "They are?"
Mom: "Well, how was I supposed to know?!"
Me: "I'm keeping these. F***." (flailing around)

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So, I got a phone call yesterday morning, and I didn't get the Seattle job (Job 2). My interview with them last week went really well and I think they liked me a lot, but I think there was just someone else who was better suited for it. The job would be working on the pontoon team, not the environmental team, and I'd be helping the half of the pontoon team that was doing the engineering work, not the environmental work, so they probably picked someone who has a little more engineering experience.

I'm actually mostly okay with it. I had some reservations about the job anyway, and this way I don't have an agony of decision-making to do, since I never really did figure out what I wanted. I'm disappointed that a door closed, but it's okay.

The thing I feel really GOOD about is that I made it to the third (and final) interview, which was a pool of six applicants.

The original pool was THREE HUNDRED.

So, percentage-wise, I did GREAT.
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