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Anyway, now it's time for an actual explanation.

I was sitting at my computer last night (refer to the angst in the previous post), sort of frantically trying to finish a lab assignment. I had my hand on my mouse, mousing around, when all of a sudden, without warning, there's this huge BANG. And the mouse leaps in my hand.

Carrie, downstairs, went "what was that?" And I said "my mouse exploded."

See, my mouse is a little cordless laser thingy, so it's battery-operated. The batteries ran out this weekend, and I had new ones, but Tyler gave me some older ones out of a flashlight (he wanted to replace them with new) and I figured I might as well run those down before I replaced them with fresh.

I don't know if the fact that the batteries were older or not new, or had been sitting in a flashlight (whatever effect that would have), but the batteries had just spontaneously burst inside my mouse.

I figured it was the batteries, so I took the mouse in the bathroom and prised open the cover, and sure enough...battery acid everywhere. The lights on the mouse slowly died and I took the batteries out and dabbed the acid away as best as I could.

Unfortunately, the mouse is not working anymore. I'm not sure if the acid killed it (AA battery acid isn't that strong, is it?) or if the force of the explosion disrupted something inside, but...sad. I was thinking about going back to an old corded mouse as so to not use up batteries (although cordless mice get pretty good battery milage), but I guess I wasn't expecting it to just die on me like that.

I've never even heard of such a thing happening. It was so weird. I was really rattled the rest of the night. I was sitting in Doc's chair later on and Cinnamon nosed my foot. I quite literally jumped about 6 inches...Tyler's a witness.

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