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Tyler and I left Idaho last Friday morning, and thankfully, everything I was worried about for the drive home didn't happen. Apple Cup traffic was light because we left early. Snow had mostly melted on the high plateaus (out of Colfax), so the roads were safe and we made almost-normal time. The passes were clear, almost dry, and we made it in daylight, and rush hour traffic through Seattle was minimal. It couldn't have been better.

So what have I been doing for the past few days?


When I was growing up, I was very averse to change and found it agonizing to throw personal things away. As a result, my room was really cluttered and I had a ton of stuff boxed away as 'mementos.' Since being in college, I find my life has been a lot happier when I simplify. I don't keep a lot of stuff around, I try to recycle what I can, and most importantly, I buy less.

It was really hard for me to spend that first night back in my room because it felt so overwhelmingly full. I got up early on Saturday, took Tyler to the train station, and Mom and Dad and I spent the rest of the day cleaning out our storeroom in the basement. We took a load to the dump and a BIG load to Goodwill. It felt so good to be able to release stuff I don't need. I feel so much cleaner.

Sunday, I cleaned out my room. I've been doing the drawers a little already, but this time I was mostly cleaning the visible stuff. I reorganized and neatened by bookshelves. I cleaned off my desk and rejected all my junk mail (return to sender WORKS, if it's not 3rd class). I cleaned off my shelves, got rid of the piles around and at the food of my bed, and cleaned out my upper closet. Some of the stuff in THERE had been there since the room was built. Then I scrubbed down all the surfaces, vacuumed the curtains, and vacuumed the room (I'm allergic to dust, so I've been sneezing like a fiend all day).

I also took down the 4 strings of rainbow Christmas lights that were swooping all across my ceiling, and replaced them with two strings of white lights pinned around the upper perimeter of the room. It's not as cheerful, but it's elegant, and that combined with the rest of the cleaning makes the room feel so much bigger. My room was pretty overstimulating, so this is less of an assault on the senses. I'm a firm believer in the powers of catharsis, and I think that this was a mild form of that.

I feel so much better. Plus, things will be nicer for Tyler's grandma if she stays in my room, if the family drives through town in the next day or two.

Also took mom to her LONG-needed doctor's appointment, and scheduled her for an MRI over Christmas break when I can take her to the hospital, so THAT makes me happy. She's been putting that off for ages.

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