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Rambling chair story

When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, her stuff was divided out among her descendants and I, having asked for it, received her large upholstered antique rocking chair. She kept it in her room, so it was never broken or made wobbly like so much of the other furniture, which we grandkids would play on. The woodwork is a little scratched and worn, but nothing more.

I've kept it in my room since then. It's a little big for the room, but the high back and the long, deep seat make it a really comfortable piece of furniture.

Mom came upstairs a few days ago and told me I could get it reupholstered if I wanted to. I was pretty stunned. That costs some money, and although I'd never considered altering Grandma's chair, it's easy to see how much nicer it would look. It's currently covered with a putrid avacado green floral pattern, which has something smooth woven into it so that I tend to slide off the chair a bit. It's also unevenly faded.

I knew I wanted to do it in blue, so Dad agreed to help me refinish it, and then Mom took me up to get some fabric samples. There's two that I like, both of which suit the chair very well.

When we went to the upholstery store, the guy was out in front of the store painting something outside. I went in the door, Mom right behind me, and saw...Grandma's footstool that Dad had finished refinishing and repairing early, and had brought to the store to have it reupholstered as a Christmas gift for Mom. It was sitting right on that central table.

I turned right around and manhandled mom back into the car, yelling "we have to go, we have to go!" Mom was so confused. The upholstery guy was so confused. I closed the car door and quickly explained to the upholstery guy, who then grinned and put the stool in the back. I then got mom out of the car like nothing had happened. Priceless.

Both are slatish blues. One is a floral pattern very similar to the old fabric, which is really better for an antique chair like this. That's the one that Dad really likes.

But the one I like, naturally, is the other one. It's a deep slate blue with lighter velvet slate making a pattern of interwoven spirals. I love spirals. I also love this color and pattern, and the upholstery guy said it was nylon velvet, so it won't wear away in my lifetime (a worn-away buttprint in an antique chair is somewhat tacky). The fabric is also fuzzy and comfortable...not scratchy or slippery.

I know Dad doesn't like the pattern because he thinks it's too modern-looking, but...I really really do. I like it more every time I see it.

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