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A health-related thing.

Last Christmas, right before Tyler surprised me in Seattle, Jason and I flew back from Disneyland at New Year's and I immediately came down with a terrible cold. I was really sick...feverish, snotty, sleepy, throaty, sneezy. It took me weeks to get over it, and at the end it settled in my throat. I had a bad cough for about a month, coupled with a few days of laryngitis in which I really couldn't speak.

The disturbing thing about it is that I don't think I've completely recovered since then. I don't sing as much as I used to because I've lost most of my range and my voice doesn't always make the notes that I'm telling it to...which was previously rare. When I talk, my voice is lower and scratchier, and very often I'll squeak, change octaves, or my voice will just stop in the middle of a word and I'll be mouthing.

It's really been bothering me, but even more since last night because my Aunt Jodi noticed it right off the bat. I didn't realize it was evident to others. I hate it, though. What do I do? Go to a speech therapist?

The other thing is that I've been having more headaches lately that I'm sure are stress-related. They only occur when I'm freaked out about school, but the weird thing is that they always occur in the same place. It's a localized, dull pain on the left side of the back of my head, an area about the size of my hand. Put your left elbow on the edge of the desk and prop your head on your hand with your hand at the base of the back of your head. It's right there. I'm not surprised about the headaches, but it does surprise me that's it's always in that one, localized asymmetrical spot.

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