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...and finally spring just might be on its merry way. Croci (plural of crocus) are up and blooming, daffodils and tree leaves are coming up soon. Bout time. Maybe that will scrub some of this wretched plow-dust out of the air. I swear, I spend more time dusting my teensy room than...something else. I once made a cool swirly dust pattern by taping a wet paper towel over my fan and sticking it in the window.

Uneventful week, really. Lots of busy work-type homework. I've really got to get going on my Energy presentation for Thursday. Tyler and I have dance tonight, then we're studying for Wednesday's genetics exam.

I'm a Blue Yoshi!


The two-month vacuum debate finally came to a freaking close today, when I bought a vacuum. Our old house vacuum was *really* rickety and old, and at the end, it had started smelling bad (and it set Justin's carpet on fire). Here's the steps (house meetings are once a week).

1. House meeting. I suggest getting a new vacuum. This is met with approval until Sarah Jane suggests asking housing if they'll fund it, instead of it coming out of our house fund. Katie asks me if I'll deal with it. I say "sure".

2. House meeting. Housing has not responded to me, so I email the guy in charge of all university residences. Verdict: no money for us.

3. House meeting. We vote to set aside money for a new vacuum. Sarah Jane then has to write me a form for a UI credit card, so Walmart doesn't arrest me for shoplifting. She doesn't.

4. In the meantime, Clay steals a vacuum from a Goodwill dropoff truck. It is old, nasty, smelly, loud, and doesn't work. A vote at the next house meeting results in approval for vacuum money. About 10 guys in the house take this as an insult to their manhood and disassemble the vacuum in the upstairs hallway in an attempt to fix it. They succeed, although all the other adjectives still apply. New vacuum plans are put on hold, and plans are made to paint the new vacuum (my suggestion: "It certainly does suck!"...Wayne's World).

5. The vacuum disappears. Certain guys are keeping it in their rooms, so nobody can use it, and eventually, nobody seems to know what's going on. The guys are cagey about it, and I suspect it self-destructed and they don't want to admit it.

To make the rest of this long post short, over the course of a month, the money's approved, Sarah Jane FINALLY gets me the form, and I buy a very nice vacuum. People are already in line to use the thing. The hairball I got out of my rug was truly horrifying.

The only other thing I have to say is that I've barely slept in two weeks, and I'm dropping.

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