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I'm home! Yay!

I got in safely this afternoon at about 1:30, having successfully navigated 100 miles worth of fog, lots of road, and a small army convoy, every single member of which waved at me (they were radioing ahead). It was fun.

Also, huge cheers for Dana, who got back from Deutschland last night. We (Kim and Cassie and I) surprised her at Casa Lopez and were rowdy and loud for quite some time. We had margaritas (no alcohol in mine) and poked each other, and Dana got to wear The Hat.

It also sounds like Jason and his friend John are going to ROTK tomorrow, and I want to go, except with bluemoonshark, so we're in the midst of arranging a big group for tomorrow, consisting of me, Jason, John, bluemoonshark, sand3, drew4484, and potentially shrike30, when he gets to Blue's house and she tells him.

Finals are over.

Life is grand. :)

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