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More happy!

I also forgot to mention a happy little aquisition from Thanksgiving Break (boy, I'm really out of date).

I have a sewing machine!

One of Mom's old friends (who we're really no longer in touch with) is quite a consumer, and recently bought herself one of those super-computerized sewing machines that basically lets you program the task into it, and then it sews while you do something else. Mom had mentioned to her at one point that I wanted a sewing machine, and so she offered to let me have her old one for free!

It's a nice little Pfaff, competent and sturdy but nothing too fancy, which I like. I think it's good to start simple, and it will do everything I need to do. I've been doing all my sewing by hand for a long time, which I like, but it takes so much time that I can't do it very much.

My first project (after I get the hang of using a machine again, which I haven't done since 7th grade) is to sew my little brother a sleeve case for his didgeridoo I brought back from Australia for his Christmas present. I picked out a denim-like material for it, and I'm lining it with a soft blue quilted padding and am sewing a strong strap on the outside for carrying. I also bought some upholstery foam and might make some thicker pads for the end and the middle, and actually managed to get a meter of a neat aboriginal print in Sydney that I might use to trim the bag.

I love my machine already. :)

I named it Scrat.

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