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I'm back from the brief journal hiatus. :)

I slept badly the night before Christmas, but I always do. I got up around 6:30, fixed some mush for breakfast, and gave the distant soddcutter a Christmas phone call. Then I jumped up and down on Mom and Dad's waterbed, woke Jason up, and waited for the parents to slowly and agonizingly brush their teeth, take their individual showers, get dressed, fix their hair, eat breakfast, etc. They do this every year.

I built a fire and poured sparkling cider, and we started opening presents around 9. Here's a brief rundown of my little haul (from brother, Santa, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles).

*A gift certificate to IKEA
*A gift certificate to REI
*A tiny book lamp
*A tin shaped like a Christmas tree
*A new optical mouse (not cordless...good)
*The poster print of Alphonse Mucha's "Moon" I'd been missing
*LOTR:TT Extended Edition DVD (eee!)
*A copy of my Uncle Jeff's new book
*A new flatscreen energy-efficient LCD computer monitor (from Santa)
*Various gift certificates to Third Place Books (squee)
*Some sort of sock-thing
*A green sarong
*Hand lotion (this will be returned)
*Oh god, the ugliest Christmas ornament I've ever recieved.
*The new David Wilcox CD
*Two Elliot Smith CD's
*CD soundtrack of The Firebird
*An "I (heart) NY" t-shirt which I will never ever wear, because of the fairly eye-catching fine print underneath that famous phrase which reads: "I (heart) NY IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK AND SERVICE MARK OF THE NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. USED WITH PERMISSION. USED UNDER LICENSE BY M.B.S. LOVE UNLIMITED. INC.

Charming, no?

It was a good Christmas. I gave Jason his present...a 5-foot didgeridoo that I dragged all the way back from Australia (I was briefly stopped at San Fran security, who thought I might use it to bludgeon someone to death). It's quite beautiful, and I picked a more simple, traditional pattern than a bright, artificial splashy one. It even has some of the original bark on it. I also made him a dark blue denim case for it, lined with blue fleece and ringed with a turquoise trim in Aboriginal print. I gave Mom three books she wanted and a beautiful new hardbound address book packed full of Monet art, which she loves. Dad got 6 different bottles of Australian beer, which he gloated about all day. :)

I made everyone nice sandwiches to order for lunch, and then I cleaned up the living room. Mom got a new TV for the kitchen, so I took her old little kitchen TV and replaced my huge TV in my bedroom, which I didn't like because a) it was huge, b) sometimes it refused to turn off, and c) it's electrocuted me twice.

Talked to Tyler for about an hour after lunch, which was nice.

Mom and Dad and I retired to the bedroom to watch Notting Hill. If you've never seen it, save yourself the trouble. It had that annoying trait that I always hate in movies, which is that of characters lying to get out of awkward situations and therefore digging themselves into a deeper hole, where telling the truth would not only be easier, but also fix the problem. Also, it was MIND-NUMBINGLY BORING.

I skipped out halfway through to make the dinner. Dad got scalloped potatoes and a little ham, while I made Thai green curry (vegetarian, of course) for Mom and Jason and I). It turned out well, but it's still missing something.

I cleaned up after dinner, put the leftovers away, and called Doc and Carrie. Then Mom and I watched Gosford Park, with me skipping out ever 15 minutes to take cookies out of the oven.

After the movie was done I cleaned up the kitchen again, hung out with Jason for a bit, and went to bed. Tossed and turned until 3-4 am. I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

Good Christmas, though. :)

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