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Okay, so here's my schedule for this week.

Saturday: hang out with Mireille
Sunday: hang out with Nana Dixie
Monday: take Mom to MRI downtown, get new specs
Tuesday: dentist appointment at some point
Wednesday: hang out with Katie

After New Year's, the only committment I have is that I'm spending the night of January 5th with my Nana. If Cassie and shaylith come over, the date is not yet planned. However, they have until the 12th, and I'm not sure how much time everyone else has.

bluemoonshark, llellewyn, and shawnaduck...I really, really want to hang out with you and make a trip to Pike Place Market/Uwajimaya/The Ave, so do we need to plan a date for that? If you guys need to leave soon (I forget when WWU starts), I can cancel with Nana this Sunday.

I just don't want to miss anyone while I'm here.

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