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Acoustic #3

They painted up your secrets
With the lies they told to you.
And the least they ever gave you
Was the most you ever knew.
And I wonder where these dreams go
When the world gets in your way.
What's the point in all this screaming?
No one's listening anyway.

Your voice is small and fading,
And you hide in here unknown.
And your mother loves your father,
Cause she's got nowhere to go.
And she wonders where these dreams go
Cause the world got in her way.
What's the point in ever trying?
Nothing's changing anyway.

They press their lips against you,
And you love the lies they say.
And I tried so hard to reach you,
But you're falling anyway.
And you know I see right through you,
Cause the world got in your way.
What's the point in all this screaming?
You're not listening anyway.

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