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Finally got to have a somewhat lazy day today. Sunday was an awesome all-day shopping and hang-out session with bluemoonshark and llellewyn, where we spent several hours at Uwajimaya, ate lunch there, several hours at Pike Place Market, and about an hour on the Ave before Blue invited me home for dinner. I got a ginger grater! YES!

Yesterday I spent almost the whole day at the big Virginia Mason medical center downtown. Mom needed to get an MRI, then we got lunch in the hospital cafeteria, then we looked at glasses (new lenses for Jason, new lenses for Mom's glasses and sunglasses, new frames for me, and repairs on my regular glasses). Then we met with her doctor to go over the MRI results. Looking at computer-generated slices of your mom's brain is interesting. Then more glasses. I picked out a wiry pair, somewhat periwinkle.

Those Tully's peppermint shakes are good.

Then we went to the grocery store on the way home, and we went home, I set the table for eight, made salad, ravioli, and cream, and the Bardens came over for dinner (parents, Mireille, and Case). Then I served pie and cleaned the whole kitchen.

But today I got to stay home. I cleaned my room, cleaned the stairway, worked on my scrapbook, started sanding down Grandma's chair, got a package together for Tyler's mom, and now I'm working on different color schemes for my quilt.

The only thing I had to leave the house for was a dental visit, to get the first filling I've ever had in my life. I'm a little gloomed about that, but at least I've been cavity-free this long.

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