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A minor rant.

My mom likes to spend time with me, especially since she sees me so seldom. She also likes English movies. Therefore, she thought a fun thing for us to do over break would be to watch English movies.

The problem with this is that I don't really like watching English movies. With the rare exception of Pride and Prejudice, they're all fairly slow-paced, are difficult to hear, and mostly have the same sort of theme or plot. Most seem to be love stories with the primary conflict revolving around a socially unacceptable marriage.

Mom therefore went out and rented four of these. The first was Notting Hill, which was only English in the sense that it took place in London and contained Hugh Grant, but it was a TREMENDOUS of the very few movies in my experience that I've been unable to finish (Election was another).

The second was Gosford Park. This was slow and stuffy, but at least mildly interesting because it was a murder mystery. I'd seen this one before.

The third was A Room With A View, which we watched last night. BORING. Rich girl meets guy in Italy, they kiss, huge scandal, she goes back to England to marry stuffy guy, then changes mind to marry kissy guy. Slow. Completely predictable. The only interesting thing about it (not interesting like that) was that there was a brief scene with three of the main male characters frolicking about quite nakedly in a forest pool, which is an odd thing for a prim English film to include.

Now I have to watch the last one, Persuasion. I am NOT looking forward to it, but here's the problem. If I don't watch it, Mom will renew it until I do. I've already made it clear to her that I don't want to see these movies, but she does, and she doesn't want to watch them alone, which means that she will refuse to see them unless I'm there sitting through the whole damn thing.

So I refuse to watch the movie, which will spark a huge row about how I won't even do this little thing when she does all sorts of stuff for me (which is true), and Mom won't watch the movie, she'll be miserable, and I'll be miserable because of the fighting. Or, I'll watch the movie, Mom will be happy, and I'll be both bored OUT OF MY MIND and utterly pissed off that she's strongarmed me into doing something I don't like when I could be spending my time doing something I enjoy. Why can't she watch HER movie BY HERSELF?!?

I'll probably wind up doing the latter. At least one of us will be happy.

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