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Shopping around Coolingatta

We didn't have much in the way of perishable groceries when we arrived, and so a grocery trip to Woolworths was necessary to stock up on supplies (like Mint Slices). The resort evidently had complimentary breakfasts, which we tried this morning, but they weren't quite to our liking--some fruit, some bread, a large sausage, and a flute of champagne. The hotel staff was also a bit chilly.

The two groups made plans to meet at Woolworths, but somehow we missed each other and ended up getting two sets of groceries. Dee and Tim and I loaded up the car with them, and then walked along a little river cove with a park (awesome banksias) and towards the ocean beach and jetty. There were lots of surfers and lots of people with happy dogs. There was also a circus set up in the park, which for some reason, included cows.

This little park had a beach area where people were renting out paddleboats and stuff. One guy was swimming in the cold water, and there were huge pelicans on the jetty. There was also a little sock that had been left high and dry by low water levels, so I went back later and got this picture:

We drove further into town and spent some time walking along a nice (and very large) open-air market, and picked out lots of good fruit and vegetables here. We had lunch outside at I little restaurant called Scooterini, and I ducked into a 2nd-hand bookshop for a moment. The Coolingatta downtown area was very inviting, and very pedestrian-friendly.

We headed back home and got the groceries sorted out, and then just relaxed for a while. I wrote lots of letters. We had a nice family Thai dinner. There were also lots of Australian magpies singing outside, which have much nicer songs than American magpies.

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