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Hanging out, and the Boozatorium

Today was a relaxing day. Tyler, Jeni, Devon, and Dee all went kayaking (and came back utterly soaked...the kayaks weren't exactly pro models), then drove up north to Maleny so Dee could spend the night at the White Eagle lodge there.

Tim and Bob and I went to town, and Bob got a haircut while I shopped around a bit and checked my email. The three of us went out later that night and got Thai and Chinese take-out, which was delicious, and Tim visited the Boozatorium, which may be the most amusing liquor store I've ever seen. Note their catchprase to the upper left of Tim's head.

Maleny was a really long drive, so Devon and Jeni and Tyler didn't get back until quite late. Tim and Bob and I amused ourselves with dinner and played Trivial Pursuit...but not just any Trivial was 1980's Australian Trivial Pursuit. Most of it was hilariously obscure, at least from our perspective. We got all the questions about Crocodile Dundee, though.

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