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Inland drive, and musk-savers

Before we left Coolingatta today, I had to drag Tyler, Jeni, and Devon to a local fruit market to get this picture:

I still have no idea what a "Devon" is in fruit or vegetable terms, unless they're talking about Devonshire Ham. They also had Idaho potatoes there. Idaho potatoes! I can't even get those in Idaho, but I can get them in some tiny, remote village in Australia!

Today we started back to Sydney, but instead of taking the coastal highways, we drove back through the mountain countryside (Great Dividing Range), further inland, which was wonderful. There were amazing hilly meadows and deep gum forests. I even saw three kangaroos. We stopped at midday on Saturday for a bathroom break and a stop at a local book fair, and slept that night in Tamworth at a roadside motel. The waitress in the hotel restaurant was planning to visit America soon and asked us lots of questions.

We headed out early the next morning and had lunch at a large gas station with adjoining greasy spoon restaurant, which was a lot of fun as the station seemed to be the favorite breakfast spot of many burly, black-leather-clad bikers. The food was quite good, and the gas station itself was packed with all sorts of treats...some tempting, like the Cadbury's chocolate, and some just these.

I mean, what gives? The Fizzy Savers, ungodly though they are, are self-explanatory. Dee and I puzzled over the Musk savers for a while ("maybe they mean muskMELON?") before I tried one, and established that no, it was MUSK. As in masculine fragrance. They're pink, hard, powdery, and taste vaguely of mint, but they REEK of men's cologne. Oddness!

I drove for a few hours, and we pulled over and explored a gum forest later in the day while everyone sampled my Fizzy Savers. We reached the little town of Windsor in mid-afternoon, which is quite close to Sydney. They were having a sort of open market and free music community-thing, so we parked and enjoyed that for a while. We explored the shops (I was tempted by an Australian animals chess set) and Bob contemplated getting a spray-tattoo. There were lots of neat stores there, and great opportunities for peoplewatching.

One older man was playing an absolutely huge (and very beautiful) didjeridoo, and a leashed dog belonging to a listener was transfixed by the opening of it, wondering what kind of animal could be in there. At one point the dog barked into the hole, and the player made the didjeridoo bark right back at him, which sent the dog into a bit of a nervous frenzy.

Bob bought Tyler and I some ice cream.

We returned to Sydney and got rooms in the same hotel. We moved in and rested up after emptying out our loyal rented cars, and went to our usual hangout, Cafe Extra, for dinner. I had blueberry muffins and some lovely grilled mushrooms. I was tired and went to bed early, but as it was Tim's birthday, Bob, Tyler, Tim, Devon, and Jeni all went out on the town. They got back at 2:30 in the morning, and Bob and Tim slept in for much of the following morning.

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