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Last day in Australia

Today was our last chance to sightsee anything in Australia. After a quick breakfast upstairs in the Executive Lounge (with a wonderful view of the sunrise), I took a fun circular tour of Sydney Harbour with Dee, Shirley, Beanie, and the Dunns on a little ferry.

We got off the boat and had lunch at Cafe Extra, where Bob met us, walking carefully and wearing sunglasses. Jeni and Devon were swing dancing to some live music outside, and tourists were videotaping them. I had PUMPKIN SOUP.

After that, I just walked my heart out. I walked up to The Rocks and got a cool t-shirt with aboriginal kangaroos on it. I went to a candy store and watched them make candy, which was fascinating. I went to many different aboriginal stores to price didjeridoos, finally picking out a nice one for Jason--a simpler, more traditional design (no bright acrylic paints) with sea turtles, but mostly showing the original wood and even the original bark. I got some aboriginal-print fabric. I dropped my stuff at the hotel and then walked through the botanical gardens to Woolloomooloo to see a sculpture Tim had liked, and out to the peninsula to Mrs. MacQuairie's Chair (a rock formation with a good view). I explored more of the gardens at Farm Cove, went inside the Sydney Opera House, and mostly enjoyed myself. I also went back to the Sydney Historical Museum to photograph a sculpture I liked.

We met the whole clan again in the hotel lounge that evening, along with an Australian cousin whose name escapes me, and just circled up and visited there for a long time, which was very nice. It also gave us the opportunity for a big group picture.

Later that night, many of us went back to the nearby Indian restaurant for dinner, and that was our last night in Australia.

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