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Going home

So sad.

I spent some of the morning getting my stuff packed up and ready to go. We had breakfast at Cafe Extra. I had...knock knock...pumpkin soup.

There was a little bit of last minute stuff to do. I ran across the street and got some Tim-Tams for Dana, who I later found out had sworn off sugar. Oh well. Bob liked my new t-shirt so much he got one like it. We caught the shuttle to the Sydney airport and took off for San Francisco that afternoon. It was kind of a wrench to put my didjeridoo on a cart and have it wheeled away, out of my sight. I hung out in a cool bookstore until it was time to board.

The flight was major events. I finished listening to Dee's Harry Potter 4 on tape and worked on my journal notes. When we landed in San Francisco (I think, a few hours before we left due to the date line thing), we were in baggage claim for a while and I inwardly freaked out because my didjeridoo wasn't showing up with the special handling stuff, but it finally came. A lady was there testing a drug -sniffing dog among some abandoned luggage. I took care of the customs stuff and was briefly subjected to some rapid-fire questions about my life from a security guard, whom I suppose bases the truthfulness of one's answers on any hesitation. What's your name? Where are you from? What's your occupation? What's your college? What's your major?

I said my goodbyes to everyone after baggage claim and continued to my terminal alone. The process of security screening was interesting since I was detained for having a large, potentially bludgeoning object, but they eventually let me through and I was allowed to carry it on the plane.

I sat through the flight back to Seattle, got on the shuttle for home, and that was the end of the adventure. :)


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