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I've been so much busier over this break than I ever thought I would be.

On Thursday, I helped my dad move a whole cord of wood from a pile in our driveway to the back patio, where we put it in three big stacks. It was long and cold, but I really enjoyed working with Dad and it was nice to be doing something a little physically useful for a change. I've been pretty indolent over break.

After that I cleaned the rain gutters, and contemplated how gently tapping one's foot on a log could possibly be enough to lose a quarter of my toenail. -_-

I pretty much spent the rest of that day working on my Australia journals. Katie Sharkey and her fiance Matt, who I'd only met the night before when we went to see Return of the King, came over for a nice dinner. We had the Amy's organic spinach pizza and some steamed broccoli, and they brought bread and spinach dip. I set the table all pretty and we acted mostly like adults, until we got tired of it and had a brief water fight.

Then yesterday, I picked up bluemoonshark and we went with my Mom and Mireille's mom to In The Beginning, an awesome quilt store on Lake City Way with an amazing selection of fabrics. I picked out the yellow backgrounds for my wedding-ring quilt and a good variety of blues, and also some deeper, rusty earth-tone stuff to make a practice pillow or two, which I'll probably give to Katie and Matt as a wedding gift. I hope the block fits the pillow size.

We all went to lunch together at Bothell Landing, then we went home and Blue and I wet down all our fabrics and crammed them in the dryer, and made a quick run to 3rd Place Books (for a canvas bag for me) and Jo-Ann's (for a few more fabrics, a marking pencil, a pillow, and a look at patterns).

We came back to the house, ironed for quite some time, washed more fabric, and Blue peacefully pieced her quilt blocks in my dining room while I started the process of painstakingly cutting out all the little pieces I'll need, 69 per block. We chatted and cut and sewed for hours. It was nice just to sit still and visit.

After Blue went home, I made a quick dinner, ironed more fabric, made dinner for Dad, and finished watching Persuasion with Mom with a brief intermission when Tyler called. Then I washed my dishes, went upstairs, and completely cleared out all the drawers of my old desk which hadn't been cleaned in years. I was literally just shoveling stuff out...novelty erasers, colored pencils of all shapes and sizes, tons and TONS of crayons, garbage, ink pads, old manuals to old CD games I never was epic. I had to vacuum and scrub the drawers before I could put anything back in them, but a lot of stuff was thrown out, and good riddance. Then I cleaned out my sink drawers, which I've feared for years due to unhealthy levels of caked soap and shampoo and loose toothpaste. I got those drawers cleared out and expunged a ton of old ugly jewelry I'd gotten from older people who gave me their nasty castoffs, at a time when it made me feel cool to have loads of jewelry.

I think that's about all the cleaning in my room I'll do over break, but considering that I cleaned my desk drawers, sink drawers, sink countertop, under my bed, and redid the wall above my bed, that's a lot. Especially considering what I did over Thanksgiving.

Now I have to take the Christmas tree down, go back to the fabric store, and finish sanding grandma's chair. I'll meet my Aunt Jodi at 1:00 today and hang out with her this afternoon. I'll take Mom shopping tomorrow for some stuff she needs. I'll go over to Nana Dixie's on Monday and come back on Tuesday, and hopefully meet with Jenna at some point during that period. After that, I'm finished. This break has been too busy, and while it's been great to see so much of family and friends, I've had too many places to go and too many projects. I'm just going to sit on the couch for the rest of break and chill out. Maybe go for a run, since I've gained weight in my stomach.

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