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Mmm, jammies.

I've spent most of the day vegging out and working on...gosh, three or four different art projects that I haven't had the time to do. One of them is a Christmas present for Doc and Carrie. They have 5 or 6 different artsy masks hung on the wall of their living room, two of which are an Autumn mask made out of synthetic Autumn leaves, and a Summer mask made out of synthetic green leaves and vines. I'm attempting to make a Winter mask out of sticks from the backyard. Bendy ones. It's a little frustrating, but we'll see how it goes. If worse comes to worst, I can do something else.

We were the benefitiaries of a wonderful snowfall yesterday. Unfortunately, I was spending the night at my Nana's house, and that meant I would get stranded there (she lives on a steep street that is closed in bad weather), and I really, REALLY didn't want to spend another night there. I innocently called Dad and he got the point without my having to say it, and so I walked up the hill and he got me there. It started raining last night, but with the low temperatures we got some wicked icicles. :)

We lost three big branches last night from our Doug firs, one of which took out the cement birdbath, but I think it's fixable.

I'm starting to be a little down that the end of break is in sight for me, and I'm simultaneously trying to be positive about it. There's no point in being glum about it, and being glum will only spoil the few days of break that are left to me.

Working on actively being positive and not connecting the dots to create a negative picture that isn't really there is something I'm going to try and work on for this year.

I should cut more quilt pieces.

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