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I've lately found that I have very low tolerance for something. Maybe it's because I feel that I've encountered this more often.

It drives me crazy when I try to have a conversation with someone and it turns into long, drawn-out boring monologues to which I am unable to contribute (or escape from) because I cannot get a single word in. This morning as I left my International Land Preservation class, a cool acquaintance(Adam) came up to Tyler and I to say hello. We asked him if he was still planning to inoculate the soil at the sustainable farm for morels.

This triggered an avalanche of words. Adam went off into this huge animated monologue that lasted for about 10 minutes, and Tyler and I were able to say, at most, 10 words apiece. We were able to contribute nothing.

Then we had a meeting with Claudia, which was death. Claudia is the worst person I've ever known for getting easily distracted and dominating conversations with personal stories, metaphors, ideas, experiences, and information. She's interesting to listen to, but she DOESN'T STOP. This is especially frustrating because Claudia is the president of our Soil Stewards club. I went to our last meeting last December with a handout I'd made of prospective plants for next season. All I wanted to do was introduce it and pass it around and have people write suggestions on it. Claudia sat there and TALKED for over an hour without ever getting to club business, and I eventually just took my handout and left. I didn't have the opportunity to speak. She was still talking as I walked out.

It's so frustrating to want to add to a conversation and have it completely dominated by one or two people who must think their stuff is so important that nobody else can possibly have anything interesting to say. It feels really disrespectful and rude, and I usually sit there and get angrier and angrier over the course of the interview because I feel like I'm being actively stifled by someone that just loves the sound of their own voice.

And I don't want to be angry. I just want people to recognize that what a MEETING is: several people, all sharing ideas. I may stop coming to meetings and restrict my interactions to email correspondence because I just can't afford to waste the time.

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