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This is absolutely sickening and infuriating at once. Good job to the mother for taking the initiative to walk out and not be bullied.

I'm sure the hospital's lawyers were doing this with visions of malpractice suits dancing in their heads if a vaginal delivery at that hospital went badly, but this is taking it way too far.

If I ever decide to add another person to the human population, barring extreme complications, I will do it in the way all my mothers before me have done...vaginally, and drugless. I'd actually like to have a midwife and give birth in my own home (although I'd certainly scoot to a hospital if complications arose...I'm not that stiff-necked).

Tyler's friend Scott was recently married and he and his wife had twin boys about a year ago. Although I think they were in a hospital, there were to be four doctors on call at any given time, and two of them would have automatically done a C-section on a twin birth, regardless of the status. Scott and Heather were very upset about it and were lucky that those doctors were not on duty when Heather's time came.

And then there's Alisha on the other side of the spectrum. My mother babysits her two sons (5 and 3) and infant daughter. All three were by C-section, and all three were scheduled and induced on a pre-determined day. Nothing was wrong, that's just what Alisha wanted. I suppose it's not my place to choose how Alisha wanted to give birth, but I don't feel much affinity with such an artificial method of gestation. I would feel odd about writing that in my calendar. Why do it if it isn't necessary.

Of course, Alisha's boys are a little misbehaved and she RABIDLY wanted a girl with each a really frilly, pink lacy kind of way. I think she had some preconceived notion about girl babies. After the second boy was born, she and her husband were planning to do some selective implanation when she became pregnant unexpectedly and it did turn out to be female. I hope she's finding out now that girls scream and cry and burp and make messes just as much as boys. Mom was irritated...she thinks Alisha should love her babies equally and gender should be irrelavant. I'm inclined to agree.

Then again, when Mom was pregnant with me, she was hoping for a boy so Daddy would bond with it, because she wasn't feeling particularly maternal. That changed when I was born, and she liked having me so much that she hoped for another girl, and got Jason. It was funny, but I think she's happy having one of each.

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