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The good thing about being a good student is that I get warm fuzzies. The bad thing about being a good student is that I get unholy amounts of junk mail wanting me to fill out a questionnaire, and then buy this nice leatherbound volume. With my name in it. And framed certificate. And sterling silver key. And Christmas ornament.

In the latest one, they provided a short list of famous people accepted into the organization, like a head basketball coach at Georgetown, and Ross Perot.


Also, I need to stop slowing down/stopping at green lights. What's my problem?

Did we mention the volume has a "luxurious leatherette binding? And a gold foil embossed lettered cover? And is 7 1/4 by 9 1/2 inches in size to match all the other leatherette volumes on your mantlepiece, next to your pipe and mounted deer head? BUY OUR PRODUCTS NOW, DAMN YOU! SUBMIT TO TACTILE REPRESENTATIONS OF YOUR SUPERIORITY!

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