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Murder, and bathtubs, and W.

In my tradition of reading several books simultaneously, I picked up this one on Saturday morning and was glued to it through Saturday night.

Murder mysteries are almost exclusively not my thing, but this was quite a bit different. It was really gripping, and pretty facinating from a historical context as well. I highly recommend it. I read quite a bit and there are few books that I've had as much trouble putting down as this.

You know, once there was a time when bathtubs were long and deep, and had holes at the drain end stopped by a little rubber plug on a chain. No more. Now bathtubs at least FEEL shorter, FEEL shallower, and the drain is closed by that little levery doo-dah.

I really, really don't like the levered plugs. First, the metal circle that the lever is mounted on halfway up the tub is rarely sealed well, so water loudly trickles out the back and lowers the water level, wasting your bathwater. I got a handy little rubber suction-thing to seal that up, and it works grandly, but all the same, I feel I shouldn't have that problem.

Second, the actual drain of the tub never seems to seal well when closed either. The drain in our tub upstairs at Doc and Carrie's is so bad that the water level can be halved in about 20 minutes. That's a serious leak, and it certainly affects the quality of my bath. I don't use bathtubs to get clean...they're hard to move in and my hair is too long. I shower. The only time I use bathtubs is when I'm in pain, stressed out, or really bone-cold, and I want to soak for a bit. Those leaks prevent that.

Also, I can't get all of my body in the tub at one time. If I ever have money to throw around, I might throw some at getting a Japanese tub installed. Those are sweet.

I've found that laying a square of grocery-bag plastic over the drain fixes the drain leak quite nicely (the water pushes it down and holds it there) as long as I don't touch it, but again, I don't see why this problem needs to exist. What was wrong with the old drains and stoppers? Those worked just fine! Why add more complex hardware to your tub that doesn't work as well?

Also, I would like a blue or green devil duckie.

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