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Busy busy.

Last Friday I got to go home a little early, and I worked on my wildlife lab before Kim, Cassie, and shaylith came over to hang out. We got Indian food in town (delicious), talked, and played Pictionary. One of the interesting things that came of that was that Kim asked me to be one of her bridesmaids at her wedding.

I was pretty honored. Kim selected her three bridesmaids over a year ago, but since then one of them (a good friend from high school) dumped Kim in a pretty ugly way for no reason that Kim or I could discover. I think I'm the replacement. The only catch is that I have to spend a lot of money on the dress (it's "Riviera Sky" on the color wizard), but I think it'll be okay. It's a nice dress and I can wear it to other things.

I got measured for it yesterday and turned out to be a size 2...further proof that designers slant their sizes to flatter the customers. I am nowhere near a real 2.

shaylith and I went to the drag show later that night and met Cassie there. It was especially fun for a few reasons...first, because I got to wear my new corset/bodice thing (yay for compliments from drunks!), and second, I haven't been to The Beach since I turned 21, so now I get to go Upstairs. There's not much there...a bar, lots of chairs, some pool tables...but you get a good view of the dance floor and some space to get away from the crowds, and it's nice to use a bathroom that has toilet paper and isn't a lake.

It was nice to go out and dance again. I haven't been there for a while since Dana's been gone, Tyler doesn't often like to go (he likes the drag show sets, but not the dancing), and Kim doesn't go since she's converting to a Seventh Day Adventist and their holy day starts on Friday at sundown. It's not much fun to go by myself.

It was Kathy's birthday, so she got up on stage and all the drag queens gave her a spanking.

Yesterday I spent several hours on a hideously tedious lab assignment on forest recovery and edge habitat after clear cuts, mostly just number crunching. Then Tyler and I watched Two Towers appendices and tried to make cookies. We had premade chocolate brownie marshmallow cookie dough that we'd tried to make on Friday, but it totally bonded to the pan (I blame the marshmallows). We tried lining the pan with wax paper yesterday, but they bonded (BONDED) to the wax paper, so it was just a loss.

I tried to work on a paper critique yesterday and just couldn't get through it.

I spent the whole morning today working on wedding presents (my fingertips are really sore now). I'm making wedding presents for at least two people and haven't figured out the gift for the third yet, and I'm also working on graduation gifts at the same time, plus assigned readings for school, plus my own readings, plus the usual homework, so I don't suffer from boredom much.

Then Tyler and I went climbing this afternoon, then worked out in the Rec center for 30 minutes, then went to the mall so I could get a new pair of pants that I saw and liked (on sale...$12.50), turn the eagle-tracks .jpg file into a photo at the photo shop, and show Tyler a sign-language dictionary I thought he'd like (he bought it).

There's lots more, but I feel a little too apathetic to type it right now. I'm going to curl up in bed and study botany terminology for Tuesday's exam.

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