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Lots more snow last night. We'll never get to Spokane with Doc and Carrie if we keep getting big snows on Friday nights, but we need this snow, so I'm certainly not complaining. It's not snowing right now, but there's lots of fog, no wind, and it's bitter cold, so every surface, every twig, still has a 2-inch layer of soft snow and visibility is only about 100 feet. After that it's just a blank white slate. The tangle of saplings and shrubs out back look incredible.

Only the squirrel would touch Tyler's bread in the bird feeder, but my bread remains had extra honey and two bananas in it, so it was soft and sweet. I put the lump on the balcony, whole, and the juncos have been slowly pecking a dent in it. Strangely, none of the other little birds are touching it...just the juncos. Maye it's because they're the only ones cheeky enough to be out today.

Sneakily flung the compost out into the yard and almost draped the top of the ginkgo with a banana peel. Oops.

Spent the morning working on a critique I didn't want to do, and finished it. Then I wrote a letter to the people that made my glasses, and then wrote a petition. Now I'm working on the 2nd critique, trying to get ahead for the year. Then I'll study for Monday's wildlife exam, which is worrying me.

Tomorrow, Jim and Holly (from Taylor Ranch) are coming over for breakfast and I'll finally be able to show them my photo album from 2 years ago. Then I'll go to the mall with Dana and Kim so Kim can look at bridal stuff. Then they might come over here for dinner, and we might play Cranium or watch Better Off Dead. Oh my, such a funny movie.

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