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Ug. I decided after the insurance mess to just do all the unpleasant stuff in one day, so I just got back from my ISP's office, having 4 tech support guys stand around my little laptop (which should have a working wireless connection, but doesn't) and go "huh."

It was fun.

No, it really wasn't. The first guy working on it was knowledgable but slow, and so unfamiliar with the interface of Windows 98 (the highest OS it can run) that I wanted to yank the touchpad away from him and do it myself. The second guy was lightning fast. The third guy had answers to all the stuff the second guy couldn't figure out. And several other guys yelled suggestions over their cubicles. It was interesting being in the midst of all the technical jargon. It made me feel smart.

See, the problem is this. Dad's letting me borrow his laptop. We put a wireless card in it and it worked fine in Seattle, then I brought it over here and it couldn't find a connection. We messed with it as much as we could (my condolences to Dad's temper), then I gave it back to him and he took the card out and plugged in a little receiver with the USB port. It worked great in Seattle. No dice in Moscow. I thought it was something wrong with the transmitter here in the house, but Kit brought his laptop over a few times and got wireless, no sweat. So that wasn't the problem.

So, to make a long story short, the laptop was being told to automatically search for an IP address but somehow was fixated on a static one, so they dumped all the network stuff manually and cleared it out. We also futzed with the D-link site survey to manually pick out a transmitter, which I hopefully won't have to do every time. We futzed and futzed and futzed for a very long time, which was made more difficult by the fact that:

a) My laptop has a VERY tempermental boot process (hold the button down for exactly FOUR SECONDS...any more or less and it gets stuck).
b) It tends to freeze during the startup if the reciever is plugged in. I plug it in after it's done booting.

I'm sure this is very boring to all you technical types. They think they got it working, so I've brought it back to the house to try (I'm a little afraid to do it). We'll see.

Also, I got my prescription filled. PHARMACISTS SHOULD WORK AT INSURANCE COMPANIES. Unless, as the pharmacists pointed out to me when I said this, the insurance companies assimilate the pharmacists into their collective of mindless drones. Jeez, at least the Borg communicated with each other. My insurance is like the Borg when the Queen is dead.

My whole body is sore. I woke up sore, stretched, worked out at the Rec center, stretched, sat in the sauna for 15 minutes, and felt worse. Ack.

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