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Bye bye!

Okay, y'know what? No. Just DON'T.

I am out of this house. Seriously. I am gone. As soon as the semester is up and my contract is done, I am not setting foot back here. I will be in an apartment, another dorm, a cardboard box, I don't know...but it will not be here.

I am tired of the rudeness and immaturity of the residents here (just a few, but they seem like a lot). Here's my degrees of tolerance being breached.

Case 1: People not putting dishes away. Fine. I can forgive that. Everybody forgets once in awhile, even though it's mostly done because nobody cares.

Case 2: People leaving entire platefuls of food around. Same as above, only more offensive.

Case 3: People not flushing. I despise this. I don't want to go into the bathroom and have to smell or look at someone else's waste.

Case 4: People blowing their noses and wiping it on the walls. I am not even kidding. This happens.

But the kicker came today at lunch...

Case 5: People MASTURBATING in the shared single bathroom on my floor and NOT CLEANING IT UP. Holy FUCK, PEOPLE! Can't I just live in a house where I don't have to see someone's SEMEN dripping down the wall and pooling on the floor when I use the bathroom?!? I feel like I'm living in a bar or a truck stop.

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