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Ug. I feel sandpapery and sick.

Yesterday, as usual, it snowed. We've been trying to plan a day trip to Spokane for weeks and it's always snowed on Friday night or Saturday morning...every time. This time we decided we didn't care and went anyway. It wasn't much snow.

Tyler thanked me for the daffodils I left on his desk for Valentine's Day.

We drove to Sage Bakery in Pullman first, and Doc and Carrie got a few loaves of bread and a few scones and muffins to share for the drive. Then we headed up to Spokane. I pieced quilt stuff the whole way and got quite a lot done, which made me feel good.

Our first stop was Auntie's bookstore, which is three floors of literature goodness, bright and airy. I loved it. I scraped tongether enough money to get two books (The Dragon Machine and The Children of Henry VIII, written by an excellent historian whose writing I really enjoy) and a Photomosaics puzzle of a monarch butterfly (from Uncle's, the toystore next door), which I've wanted for a while. I had to choose from a huge stack of books that looked good, but I was short on money and I still have gift certificates to use up at home. Tyler limited himself to a book on knots.

Doc and Carrie, on the other hand, made an agreement early in their marriage that books were one item that they would never skimp on, and dropped about $450. Wow.

We had lunch at the cafe next door, and I had a nice soup of curried vegetables and lentils. Then we drove to the Alpine Deli, which is a little shop full of German goodies...imported candies, cookies, boxes and flatware, and tons of fresh meats and cheeses. Doc had a party in the wine section and ordered obscene amounts of cheese (including a hunk of my favorite, dill harvati). We also got a bunch of Kindereggs, some Ritter Sport chocolates (the only way I can get good, cheap marzipan in America; I'm such a sucker for it), some Gummibearchen, a truffle or two, and something that looks like the Deutsch equivalent of Pez. Doc and Carrie also bought some doilies.

The German-speaking store owner was shrewd and pledged to give Doc a discount if he bought more wine. He did.

Then it was to Huckleberry's, a big natural-foods store that's like a PPC, only bigger, or Central Market, only smaller. Doc got more wine. I got some mushrooms and a few other bits of food, and stopped $2 on a single passion fruit beause I have not tasted them since Australia and by God they are good. We stopped in the Deli for dinner and I had two bowls of soup...3-Mushroom and Borsht. I haven't had Borsht in ages.

We drove home then, and picked up Blues Brothers on the way (I'd never seen it). Tyler and I watched it that night, but I wasn't feeling well and didn't really enjoy it. I think part of it was that my skin was prickly and I couldn't get warm, my chest ached from inhaling alcohol fumes that morning (swabbing my plants down for scale), and I'd had three bowls of soup that day that were all packed with onion. I don't care for onion, and while the soups tasted good, I don't think the onion agreed with me. I guess I overdid it.

Anyway, a fun day. Now for homework.

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