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Love: when the morning is sunny and a big gibbous moon is setting on the horizon, all blue and smokey from the coloring of the atmosphere. I feel like I'm in Star Wars.

Hate: toilet paper dispensers in public restrooms that are rigged so tightly that you have to scrape and scrabble and twist your fingers around to even get one square off. Arg!

Love: red-winged blackbird song. I think the first one to return is hanging out at our house, and he's so proud of himself he can hardly stand it. He's been serenading the driveway for days.

Hate: the way my mouth tastes when I'm sick.

Love: I think yesterday was the first day of spring. We got a warm rain that melted most of the snow, the trees were suddenly packed with robins, and even though the air is still really cold, it smells a little bit like earth and green grass, not the biting freshness of winter.

Hate: never having enough time to myself.

Love: I went to get my friend Kim a plant yesterday (she's getting a root canal as we speak; I made her a card with a quail reciting a get-well haiku on the front, and I don't know what my deal is), and I found a teeny little lonely grape ivy among all the potted tulips and daffodils and miniature roses. It looked so alone and friendly that I instantly knew it was coming home with me. My dad bought me a grape ivy when I first moved to college and I just loved was always lush and green and trailing and full of life...I was heartbroken when Doc and Carrie let it die this summer, and when I bought this little one I suddenly felt so much better.

Hate: spikey basalt gravel all over the roads for snow traction.

Love: I got a Valentine's Day package in the mail yesterday, from my Dad. He'd ordered me three books off my Amazon wish list. I was so unbelievably touched...I've gotten Hallmark cards before and the occasional bit of candy, but nobody's ever given me such a cool Valentine's present as BOOKS before, and I don't think Dad's ever gotten me anything for Valentine's. That was actually the only present I got for Valentine's Day.

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