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Daffodils are here!

La la la. Sitting here at my computer, attempting to tame the mess that has become my music folder. Whenever I download a music file, it gets shunted into one large pool file before being sorted. Before I sort, I listen to the song all the way through to make sure it's the right song, no cuttoffs or blips or end bits. If it's good, I rename it (no spelling errors, capitalization problems, etc, thank you), and file it in the appropriate place.

Problem is, I'm a lazy bum. So now I have an 18-hour list of unsorted music playing as I work, trying to clear out this mess. I'm also enlarging my "artists" folder, since I have enough music now that my folder of sad music, love songs, or dance music are just not practical. So in a few days, my folder will be all shiny and nice.

And this cartoon is absolutely splendid, and I'm considering buying a t-shirt with a print of the bottom-left corner panel.

I love the way I read. I'm in the middle of Peek's Winter in the Wilderness (journal of a winter at Taylor Ranch), Frazier's Cold Mountain, and Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. It's good times.

And, in tribute to Katie Krummeck:
Consider the daffodil. And while you do that, I'll be over here looking through your stuff. (Jack Handey)

Anyway, school's fine. Still very pleased that my Energy presentation is done. Our Genetics prof is in Southeast Asia for 2 weeks, so we have a guest lecturer there (but Mendelian genetics is easy-like). Ecology quiz on Friday. Finished Range assignment, need to post responses. Cooking class tomorrow. Reiki class all weekend.

Found a helmet to replace my stolen one. Pacifica toys not with head-mooshing activities.

AND I finally finished my Ren dress. The real sewing was done over winter break, but it needed some hemming work, and then I trimmed the open vertical bits and the hem of the overskirt with a black tape, embroidered with deep blue flowers, highlighted in warm silver tinsel. It's very cool looking. I spent more time preening in front of the mirror than was probably good for me. Oh well...I was due for a preen anyway. I might be going to a CNR banquet soon...I need to decide whether to wear the prom dress or the Ren dress. The prom dress would need altering, since there's considerably less of me than before (high five!). The Ren dress, however, runs the risk of being classified as a costume rather than a dress, and I don't want that. Oh well, food for thought.

Got the new degree audits for my UI majors, so I'm off to twiddle with those. Plan my future, etc.

Brain: "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
Pinky: "I think so, Brain, but instant karma always comes out so lumpy."

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