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So, I'm in the GIS lab right now, waiting for Landscape Ecology to start. Across the hall there's a very large lecture hall with a large projection screen. We don't usually have class in the GIS lab, it's just for doing metrics stuff, so this is only the third time we've been in this room at this time.

As Tyler and I were walking to class, I told him that I was interested to see what the professor across the hall would be talking about today, because I think it's a human sexuality sort of class. The first time we had class down here, I walked by that door and caught a quick glimpse of a very animated lecture on PMS (with an outline behind the professor on the projection screen). The second time, I think the professor was talking about condom use, because the screen behind him was covered with enormous erect penises (duly covered). I did double takes both times and was highly amused

So we just walked by a few seconds ago and, sure enough, female orgasms. Complete with diagrams. Life is fabulous.

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