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In which I am a dork.

Today was the special day of the year where the Co-Op and many of its contributors set up tables all over the store and give out free samples of stuff...juice cups, cheese curds, crackers, chocolate, sorbet...all kinds of goodies. I't a great way to be introduced to new foods.

Tyler and I biked over this morning. At one of the tables, I took a toothpick of what I thought was faux chicken. It was delicious. I raved about it to Tyler while I was still chewing. It was juicy, crispy, and had a great flavor. Tyler said "um, I think it's real chicken."

And of course, it was. But the Co-Op sells so little real meat, and I've been so used to trying little tidbits of vegetarian fare that are manipulated to taste like meat, that for some reason it completely escaped my attention that the nugget might have been real meat.


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