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A problem.

Tyler's asleep right now. He got up early as usual and went back to bed before class because his bedroom is above the kennel, and the dogs barked...all...night last night. Tyler was up for ages telling them to be quiet. He finally snapped and told them to "shut up," which I've never heard him say to anyone.

But see, if I were in that kennel, I'd be barking too.

The kennel is a concrete floor, 15 ft x 15 ft ish, surrounded by a high chain link fence and gate, and containing a long wooden 3-part doghouse (like a doghouse triplex). The kennel contains 4 dogs.

The smallest one is Cinnamon, the dachshund that comes in the house in the evenings and sleeps with Doc and Carrie and the two catz in the bed. She eats table scraps and kibble and licks virtualy every one of Doc and Carrie's dirty dishes. Tyler and I don't ever feed her, so she doesn't beg from us (dinner is a somewhat loud affair in this house, due to the yelping).

The other three dogs never come out.

Two of them are brother and sister, about the size and shape of border collies but with a bit of a coyote look about them (they each have one upright and one floppy ear). That's Albert and Victoria. The other is an older female named Sierra, who looks a bit like a husky but is fluffy like a big Peke.

I forget why Doc and Carrie got Albert and Victoria in the first place, but they quickly realized that they could not be house dogs. Being siblings, they have their own language and just don't listen to people at all, and if allowed in the house, Albert wastes no time on urine-marking everything in the house. Victoria could have been house-trained, they think, but the dogs pine (Vicky especially) if separated, so outside they both went. I forget the reason Sierra's not allowed may be an incontenence issue. They adopted Sierra a little while ago, and because Sierra had made a friend at the pound, they adopted the friend too...Cinnamon.

As I said, these three dogs never leave the kennel. Their whole life is that 15x15 concrete slab. Doc and Carrie are too busy to walk them, so they never leave. I took them for walks earlier when the weather was warm, and the young dogs run the whole time, they're so happy to be out.

Doc and Carrie are also so busy that they don't clean the kennel often. They have plenty of food and water, but the kennel has only been cleaned once that I know of since I moved in, and that was in September. Since then, the corner that the dogs use to defecate in has expanded outward like a wave, until most of the kennel floor is now a sea of mushy dog shit and sodden, urine-soaked hay. I don't like to go in there because the dogs are all badly trained and jump up on me, scratching my legs and smearing my clothes with feces. But I don't blame them.

It's fucking inhumane. I think the dogs would be better off back at the pound, where they would be walked, live in clean kennels, and have the chance of a better life. But Doc and Carrie would view that as a betrayal of the adoption. Plus, they don't want Vicky and Albert to be separated, because they think the dogs would die.

Our pound here has a provision that if you bring in dogs you care about, you can sponsor the dog by leaving a little money, and in return the pound will keep them indefinitely and never put them down (unless it's a medical thing), and make the cost of adoption less. I think they'd have not problem with providing for A&V's mutual adoption.

Plus, the dogs bark constantly...Sierra especially. I'm surprised the neighbors don't complain. Doc and Carrie don't hear it, because they live at the other end of the house, but I hear a good bit at night and Tyler gets it full blast, 24/7.

But what can I say to Doc and Carrie? These people are letting me live in their beautiful home and occasionally share their food, and they have not asked me for a SINGLE PENNY in rent or other bills. I am being well-cared for. But the dogs are not, and I don't know how I can respectfully suggest to them, coming from my position, that what they're doing is criminal neglect. It's not my place, and I don't think Doc and Carrie see it that way. It's an ugly blind spot.

But the situation is so horrible that I don't feel like I can just do nothing. The kennel needs to be regularly cleaned, and Doc and Carrie need to get rid of the dogs they don't interact with...all but Cinnamon. Doc was talking about getting huskies one time and my mind just twisted.

What should I do?

Regardless, if Doc and Carrie don't clean that kennel by Friday, I'm doing it. It's too sickening. My brother cleans his rat cages more than that.

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