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Current weather: dark and splopping.

I'm burn-ed out. I had a big presentation due in landscape ecology on Wednesday (my big one for the semester...all done now). I think it went well. I also had my last tedious landscape assignment due (due tomorrow, but I turned it in Monday). Also, a big fat 3-week super-annoying wildlife lab (calculating Chi-square values by hand sucks).

Our warm weather has temporarily paused for a good sized snowstorm. We got a lot last night when Tyler and I went to go hear Lech Walenzia speak (the ex-president of Poland), and around 4:00 am this morning our power went out. I brushed my teeth and ate my cereal by candlelight and trundled off to class. Tyler wanted to stop at Safeway on the way for an Odwalla, so we did. Grocery stores are cool when the power's out.

Haven't posted for several days due an ethic of "less bitching, more working."

Now I need to read 135 pages for International Land Preservation (Tuesday), work on a bonus assignment for Landscape Ecology (tomorrow), work on our final draft of the group HSI paper (Wednesday), get ready for the presentation on the same topic (Wednesday), study for my Landscape Ecology midterm (Monday), my Botany lab midterm (Thursday), and my Evolution midterm (Thursday).

Am somewhat depressed.

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