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Hey, everyone. The last two weeks have been crazy-awful, school-wise. It ends today, luckily. I have an evolution exam to take in a little over an hour, my botany lab midterm immediately afterwards, and then Tyler and I are hightailing it for Seattle.

I'm not going to spend Spring Break at home, however. I'll be up in Vancouver with Tyler's sister and brother-in-law, doing the Greatness Retreat. Tyler's best friend Mike has flown up from Los Alamos to come too. Mike will meet us at my house tonight in Seattle, and I'll drive Mike and Tyler to the train station on Friday morning. Then I'll go to Dad/Kid weekend on Vashon Island for a few days with Dad, and then he'll drop me off at the King Street Station on the way home Sunday morning, and I'll arrive in Vancouver just in time for the retreat to start.

I'll be there for a week. I'll come home on Friday right after the retreat ends, Tyler and Mike will spend Saturday in Vancouver and come down to Seattle that night, I'll drive them all over Seattle on Sunday, and Tyler and I will head back to Moscow (missing class!) on Monday.

This will be the first in-semester break I've had since I got here, where I'll have had enough prior preparation and willpower to take utterly no homework with me for the duration of the break.

Wanna go now.

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