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Reiki weekend

Well, after 4 months of trying, I finally got to take my Reiki class. Reiki is something I've been interested in learning for a while, and in January, I found a pamphlet in the co-op, advertising Reiki classes with a local instructor. I jumped at the chance.

Thus began 4 months of *not* taking the class. I signed up right away, but the January class was canceled due to some students bailing out at the last minute. In February, it happened again. In March, I had Dad Kid weekend, so it wasn't an option for me. The instructor (James) felt bad about the whole thing, and promised me that if I was available for the March class, he would teach me...regardless of other student cancellations.

Luckily, I was able to make it. On Friday night I introduced Tyler to the addictive world of Heroes of Might and Magic, and gloated quietly as I was actually able to make him stay up 3 hours...willingly...past his usual inflexible bedtime. The next morning, I hopped in the car and booked it down to Clarkston.

The class was being held in James' friend's house, an incredible open structure capped with a geodesic dome. It was built on three levels, with stairs spiraling up between each. Full of plants and little knickknacks. The center of the house was completely open, so you could stand on the bottom floor and look up all the way to the domed ceiling waaay above you. We worked in the basement, which was floored with round river stones set in mortar. It felt great on the feet.

And so began the class. Part of it was history, part of it was initiations, part of it was learning hand techniques and practicing on each other. Reiki is a Japanese healing art, similar to the laying-on of hands, but more focused. There are parts of it that I think are wholeheartedly true, and others I'm not sure about. In other words, I'm not closing my heart to the possibility of new ideas, but I'm not taking every thing told to me as indisputable fact. I saw and experienced some pretty incredible stuff.

There was only one other person in the class each day. The first day (Reiki I) was with Marilyn. She's a grandma and a RN, and was really nice and open. I had fun working with her and we exchanged phone numbers at the end. The second day (Reiki II), Marilyn couldn't come. Instead, there was Laurie, another grandma that had already taken Reiki II a few years ago and wanted a refresher. She was nice, but a little patronizing to me (and I can't stand that. I have a story about that). I didn't feel as focused when I worked on her, and I didn't get as much out of her working on me. Which is fine.

Marilyn, the owner of the house, was awesome. She brought us snacks and talked to us a little about stuff. That's really vague, I know, but it's more of a reminder to myself than anything.

Then, yesterday, James and I said our goodbyes (he works in Moscow, though, so I'll see him again), and I headed back to Moscow (the class was in Clarkston). I stopped and picked some flowers on the way and put them in a Nalgene bottle for Tyler. Then stopped off at Tyler's, gave him the flowers, and he and Mike and I watched Shanghai Noon (an awful movie, but in a funny sort of way...and good outtakes at the end).

That was about it. I need to practice Reiki on 5 other people and write a journal about it, and then I'll be certified (certified is a loose term) as a second-degree Reiki practitioner. Sweet.

And that was pretty much my weekend...sans the ecology homework, the forgotten Econ quiz on Monday to study for, the speeding ticket, and the tearful call to my mom.

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