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These are the ways I took care of myself yesterday.

*I was a leader in my ILP group and we took action by getting a skeleton Powerpoint made for our presentation in a few weeks on the Pacific Islands and Oceania (I'm New Zealand).

*I finished my Botany Lab early

*I biked into town and rented some videos for this weekend (Secondhand Lions and Shallow Hal for Tyler and I, War Games just for me).

*I stopped by Gem State Crystals and bought myself a beautiful ammonite fossil that I'd been eyeing. It is an abosolute work of art (and I have a thing for spirals). I'm thinking about getting a trilobite.

*I took myself out for a full-fledged lunch at Casa de Oro. I had spinach enchiladas (my favorite) and a lime margarita (virgin) while I read my book and made a party.

*I had a pleasant Botany class.

*I came back to the house, cleaned up, and set up my straw bales in the backyard for an archery backstop, then strung my bow and went out to play. Unfortunately, I was testing a pretty bad range and lost my first arrow when it went high. But I found it after about 45 minutes of looking in the tall grass and the wheatfield out back (I'm fond of my arrows, having made them myself), and found a better location for the backstop where I won't lose arrows anymore.

*I started a new book (Falling Angels), took a bath, eschewed homework, and watched a movie with Tyler.

It felt good to climb up out of the black funk for a day.

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