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I thought after the hellish two weeks prior to Spring Break, the rest of this semester would be easier. Boy, was I wrong. This week and last week are killers.

What I did last week:
Monday: studied, wrote
Tuesday: Botany lab quiz, Botany lecture exam #4, Land Preservation pair-paper on Costa Rica protected areas due.
Wednesday: Final paper on Historical Range of Variability due in Landscape Ecology, Wildlife Harvest lab assignment due in Wildlife. Also a 4-hour field trip to a wildlife rehab center.
Thursday: Massive group presentation of Oceania/Pacific Islands protected areas (this took up all my spare time that week).

Sunday: Kim's bridal shower

What I'll do this week:
Monday: study
Tuesday: Two quizzes in Botany lab. Wildlife exam #3 at 3:00.
Wednesday: Landscape Ecology oral Final at 9:30. Evolution exam #3 at 1:30.
Thursday: Landscape Ecology written Final at 8:00.

After that last Final on Thursday, I'm bombing off to Seattle with Tyler, meeting his dad, and then driving up to Canada for Jeni and Devon's wedding. I'll stay until Monday, probably, then drive back to Moscow alone on Monday night or Tuesday morning. Then I'll study hard for my Botany lab Final next week on Thursday, and the week after that is my Botany lecture Final (Monday) and Wildlife Final (Thursday). I'll be done May 13th.

After that, I'll hang out for a day or two. I'll go to graduation on Saturday to see Kim, Dana, and Tyler graduate. The next day, Sunday, I'm a bridesmaid in Kim's wedding. And then I'll come back to the house, pack, and have a few precious days to visit with Tyler, the Bitterwolfs, and Tyler's family before the Morrisons leave. My Dad will fly into Spokane and bus down to Moscow on Wednesday, and he'll help me pack and drive back on Thursday morning. I don't really need him to help me pack, but it would be great to have the help and to NOT have to make that drive for a change. It's really awesome of my Dad to take the time to do it.

And then I start my summer job.

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