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Well well.

A lot has happened and not-happened. I took my Botany lab final on Thursday, which went swimmingly except for the keying...two plants that nobody in the class could figure out. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I'd gotten a 98% on my third Evolution exam, which means I have an A in the class and therefore am exempt from the final. I was also shocked to discover that Kerry decided that anyone in Wildlife Management happy with their grade was exempt from his final as well. I was surprised and gratified to learn I have one of the class's five A's, and therefore I'm free of that too. This means I have only one final on finals week (Botany, on Tuesday), and will get out two days earlier than I thought.

So that means that all I need to do between now and going home is take the Botany final (no sweat), finish my analysis for Organic Farm Management (fun), finish up a few little art projects, and be a bridesmaid at Kim's wedding. Tough life.

As of 1:30 yesterday, my classes for the year were totally over. I went to the greenhouse and transplanted seedlings for the organic farm, which was lots of fun. I love playing in dirt.

My body and mind is slowly starting to realize its freedom. I've been mooching around the house half-dressed and rented two DVD's worth of Futurama cartoons. For some reason, I also have a huge appetite right now.

I think I'll go to the farmer's market and then come back and get to work. Yes.

Also, my left knee is killing me. It doesn't want to bend at all, and it's not the usual knee problems I have. Usually, I can press my fingers and rub around the knee and find a deep sore spot. This time, I can't find anything. Burgh.

I will be updating a lot today, so stay tuned.

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