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So, the things I need to do before I leave for Seattle next week:

*Dust my space
*Vacuum my space
*Reorganize closet
*Vacuum the downstairs for Carrie
*Also mop
*Also beat rugs
*Finish secret projects #1 and #3
*Work on Australia scrapbook
*Not let myself go (I slept in 3 hours late, am still undressed and uncombed)
*Post to LJ more often
*Go to Graduation for Kim, Tyler, and shaylith
*Do Kim's wedding with shaylith*
*Do most of these things while listening to Futurama or bad dance mp3's. I'm serious, I have a playlist now that would curl your hair.

*Our bridesmaid dresses (color: Riviera Sky) came in last week and we took them to Lewiston for alterations. I was suprised...mine fit surprisingly well. It's a little tight in the bust, which is unusual as I have small breasts, and a little long in front (this is being hemmed). All in all, it looks nice. However, I did refer to it as a "bright blue toga" in the bridal store, which really amused two salesladies in the store and really offended the third. Ha.

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