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Tyler's family rolled into Moscow last night around 5:00, after picking Jeni and Mike up from the airport in Spokane. I'd made sushi for them, and they wandered around the place for a bit, admiring our desks and our rooms and the yard. We picked up Chinese food for dinner, which was great as usual, and just hung out for a while, which was nice.

At bedtime, Tyler came to my room and just lay on the bed with me and we just talked and talked for a long time. It was really nice...something I wish he had done more often. It was nice to catch up on the goings-on of the last few weeks.

Carrie left to get Doc around 10:45, and I was so tired I stayed behind. They came back about midnight and I was still too tired to go down and say hello, even though Doc's been gone for 6 weeks. Cinnmon was yowling the whole time Carrie was gone.

I woke up with a bit of a headache. Tyler and I are the only ones up and about...Mike is asleep downstairs on my futon, Doc and Carrie are asleep in bed, and Bob, Dee, and Jeni are asleep in the RV (a big Jamboree they've christened "Jambo"). We'll head out to the CNR graduation in a bit (11:00 am), where I'll wear one of my new dresses for the first time (I've been siting on it for a year and a half), and cheer for Tyler, Kim, and shaylith as they walk across the stage. shaylith has to give a speech! HA ha! Nobody's going to the big University commencement, so I won't either.

After that I'll bestow Secrets, and then hang out with friends for a few hours before heading down to Lewiston tonight. I'll meet Kim and her family at Hell's Gate State Park, where they will have been partying for some time, Kim will give me something, we'll have a bridesmaid rehearsal, and then stay at a hotel in Lewiston on the Snake River tomorrow night. The wedding is 11:00 am the next morning (Sunday), so I may not post for a while.

It's cool and green outside, and I feel so calm and peaceful (for a change). The hawklings are cheeping from the nest outside. They're grown quite a bit now and we can actually see four. Have you ever heard of hawks rearing four nestlings? Boy, I haven't.

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