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Wedding #3 is OVER (part 1)

Finally, finally, Kim's wedding is over.

I headed down to Lewiston, grudgingly, on Saturday afternoon because I had to go to the rehearsal and because Kim wanted us to stay in Lewiston the night before the wedding. I headed for Hell's Gate state park, where Kim was having a picnic and wanted to give me something, but I never found them. There's two parks in that area, one on each side of the river, and the signs disappeared and I ended up going to the wrong park first, having to turn around, and then go to the next. They were apparently in an unfamilar part of the park, so I never found them anyway. I broke down crying in the car because I was so stressed out about being late, so angry that I had to come away from being with Tyler and his family and Doc so I could serve Bridezilla, angry that I'd driven all the way over to and around Hell's Gate for nothing, and so tired because I'd only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before.

I headed to the church after that after getting turned around a few times (Lewiston is hard to drive in) and waited an hour for everyone to show up. They eventually did, and Kim gave me her present...a truly ugly blue t-shirt with Kim and Joe's name, wedding date a huge marlin, and a graduation cap on the back, and a truly beautiful bracelet of pale grey, blue, and lavender sea pearls and silver beads. All the bridesmaids got one.

The rehearsal took ages. Stand here, walk here, slow down, turn this way. The bridesmaids' roles were fairly simple, so we really didn't have much to do but stand there. shaylith and I made smart remarks and poked each other. Kim was in full Bridezilla mode, dictating where the kiss would occur in the program, where the candles would be, who should stand where at what angle, and even telling the pastor which of his suits she wanted him to wear. When all the rehearsal was over, most people left, but some remained to help decorate. We had baskets of fake flowers to hang on the pews, a metal wire archway to assemble with a big swag of fake flowers to wire over the top, gauze to festoon it with, a aisle runner to arrange...and we couldn't do anything without Kim's direction, and she kept getting pulled away by people.

We finally left the church at 11:30 and went to the hotel. It was Kim, her little sister Kasey (maid of honor), shaylith, and I. I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, it was already past my bedtime, and we had to get up early the next morning to get ready (Kim was having the photographer come to our hotel room to take pictures of us getting dressed), so I got ready for bed right away after moaning about houw hungry I was (shaylith appeased me with pretzels from a vending machine). However, people were showering, nails were being painted, and the TV was on, so nobody slept until about 1:30.

The next morning, I got up around 6 or 6:30 (after rolling over on poor shaylith all night). I brushed and combed and washed, and then fixed my hair up. I made two small braids under my hair at each temple, then pulled them back and joined them behind my head. Kim put them together with a hairband, covered that with a light blue ribbon, and then tucked my braids with while silk flowers I'd cut and wired.

Because it was raining, we decided to get dressed at the church, so thank heavens the photographer didn't come and take pictures of us. Kim had said we'd get breakfast at the hotel restaurant, but that never happened, so shaylith and I made do with doughnuts from Albertson's and drove to the church. We got dressed and made up (which in my case was lip gloss and silver glitter, but nothing else) and had the professional photography for two hours before the wedding...various friends and family of the bride and groom, all in infinite combinations.

More later, guests are here.

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