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Wedding's over, part 2

So, yeah. I left off after the infinite picture combinations. There were a LOT of them. I'm especially looking forward to the bridesmaid ones, and one of just Kim and Dana and I.

So then we stuffed Kim back in the room and the guests all came, signed the guest book, and filled up the church. I went between entertaining Kim in the guest room (and getting glitter on her) and keeping a lookout for Toby, Tyler, and Cassie. When they arrived, Tyler took possession of Kim's camcorder, and Dana and I pinned some white silk flowers in Toby's hair like ours. Between that, his silver shoes (we wore silver heels), and the blue shirt that exactly matched the color of our dresses, Toby was an honorary bridesmaid. I can't wait for those pictures.

So, the wedding started. The bridesmonkeys all walked down the aisle alone and took places. Kim walked down to a blaring Wedding March on the organ. The pastor gave a very male-centric sermon, emphasizing the importance of women as helpers for men. I shut up. Kim showed a picture slide show to music. They lit a candle, etc. Lots of crying.

After the ceremony, we left the sanctuary and formed a receiving line that lasted about 45 minutes. I got really tired of shaking hands. That finally ended, everyone threw birdseed at Kim, we stuffed her into a car, and she and Joe were driven to the waterfront, where they were put on a surprise jetboat, which took them to the hotel and reception by river (Kim drove most of the way). shaylith and I drove to the hotel and waited around for the couple to show up at the docks. Then we ushered them in, we all sat at the head table, and we all waited for the food to show up (which was good food). Then there was cake-cutting, dancing (I danced with Kim and Dana), Tyler and Cassie and Jen and shaylith and I decorated Kim and Joe's two getaway cars with balloons and taped "JUST MARRIED" on them. Lots of speeches and weeping and thank yous. Lots of signing documents. We all hung around a couple of hours, and then shaylith,Tyler, Toby, Cassie, Jen, and I all headed back to Moscow, finally, finally free.


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