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Something shrike30 wrote in his last entry reminded me of quest for a cool scar. Not one that looks interesting (it may not even have to be easily visible), but something I got during a fun or memorable activity that I can smile about. I think I only have 2 real scars on my entire body. A chicken pox one on my face somewhere, and a small centimeter-long one under my right knee, from when I slipped on the perpetual wet patch behind our back door and punched a hole in my leg on the corner of the concrete step (but my snazzy black stirrup pants were undamaged, woohoo!). Tyler also found a little one under my chin, but nobody in my family seems to know where it came from.

Tyler, on the other hand, has a chorus line of impressive ones. My two favorite are his knee surgery scar (after he ripped up his knee jumping of playground equipment), and a gash on his left bicep that he got after tripping over his bass drum. I'm so insanely jealous. Why do I never get cool scars like that?

I've had opportunities. I was running down the aisle in a big hardware store (Home Club) once, when I was about 5 or 6, and I stepped on an upturned nail. Punched through the bottom of my shiny black patent-leather party shoes (which I despised, good), and came all the way up through my foot, sticking out the top. I seem to remember Home Club giving my parents some money to keep them quiet (fools, they wouldn't have sued). Anyway, healed great, no lasting problems...but no scar.

which "monty python and the holy grail" character are you?

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Once last summer, Travis and I were playing frisbee when Bob and a friend of his came over to talk. At the end, Bob tossed me my 175 gram Frisbee (it's heavy!), and I wasn't paying I took it over the bridge of my nose. It hurt. And it bled. No scar resulted, although it did generate a newfound respect for the Nuclear Kamizake Death Disc.

But this was the kicker. I took my Fanatic out onto Guy Wicks field with Travis, to see if I could fly her in the wind of an approaching storm (still several hours distant). It turned out to be a little too gusty, but I flew for a few moments anyway. When I brought it down at some point to adjust some of the spars, I had Travis hold the straps (foolish of me), and I jogged down to the kite (I wanted to move fast, in case the wind took the kite). My mistake was in running on the wrong side of the lines. The wind *did* take the kite, and I got lashed across the face with thin, 300# test Spectra. Cut a wicked gash down the side of my jaw...I looked like I'd been in a knife fight. It was stupid of me, and I could have been seriously hurt. But I wasn't. I would have *LOVED* to have a kite scar like that...but it DIDN'T SCAR.


I was able to get my kite up a couple weeks ago, though, the only time in Idaho I've had a really satisfying fly. Tyler came with me, although he didn't fly. I'm getting a lot better at manuvering out of dead launches, which is always good (and safer). I also had the good sense to drop the lines when the wind took it during an untangling. Zinged my fingies a bit, but not bad. Wow, I miss flying. >grin< There was another guy there flying a Rev, which made me all homesick. Jason just got his first Rev, which I need to borrow sometime. Flying quad-line kites is a whole new ball game.

Current good thing: Swing dancing to hip-hop music, like our dance instructors did to this song last night.

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