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Blech. Spent the entire day in front of the computer, doing homework. Finished my restoration paper on invasive weeds, then worked on Monday's genetics homework. Luckily we're doing Mendelian stuff...complicated Punnett squares and epistasis and all that, which I really like.

Still, working at my computer offers ample opportunites for slack. I decided I needed a reminder to stay on task. At some point, I made two little signs that I stuck on the edges of my monitor. One is a patchwork of blue and gold crayon, with "get to work!" in black Sharpie. The other is round and has a big red cross-circle (the "no" sign) over the word "slack!". The cool thing is that the "no" part is detachable, so when the homework is done, I can direct myself to goof off.

It took me the better part of 45 minutes to make them.

After that, Tyler came over to study genetics for a bit. I took a shower and now I'm sitting here listening to Sesame Street music. Lots of obscure ones that are really good, like "Capital I" and "Frogs in the Glen." I was extremely disturbed that when a certain song came on ("Kids Just Love to Brush," which I hadn't heard since I was about 7), I promptly started doing the accompanying dance without even thinking about it. Whoa.

Current good thing: My quilt and my blankie

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