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And if you feel like I feel, baby, then c'mon, oh c'mon...

I've been noticing in myself an interesting penchant for uncharacteristically shexy clothing lately.

The day after Tyler dumped me, I blew off school and went and got myself a really pretty silky nightgown...pale silver-blue, and short, with a slit. I need to pull up the straps a little, but I like it. I've never bought silky stuff before because I hate static, but I'm getting over it, hopefully.

Amusingly, I wore it downstairs one night after Doc had come home, and he was all interested and wanted to know where I was off to. It's an interesting time when our evening cocktail dresses get so skimpy that they overlap with lingerie.

And then...Blue, remember when we went to that little clothing store next to the bead store in Victoria, and I found that velvety blue top that I liked that tied in back and had mirrors, and I waffled, and came back the next day and the store was CLOSED? Well, I went back. They don't have that top any more, but I got another one with a simpler, cottony fabric.

It looks really good on me. It looks like sort of a bib...a trapezoidal piece of fabric that ties behind my neck and my back. It looks surprisingly good on me, and I kind of enjoy the attention (guys were staring in Victoria, and one got his binoculars out...from 10 feet away). I feel like I want a little of that attention now, since I've not been feeling very attractive lately.

But anyway, the fabric is kinda cool (a splashy beach hibiscus pattern), but since the assembly looks so danged easy (cut fabric. Hem. Add strings.). I was thinking I could easily make more.

So what I'm getting at here, is that I need to go admire and buy fabric with somebody. :)

It's cheesy, but I think a bib top made from that slinkly silver foil would be fun for which I mean the Drag Show at the Beach in Moscow, once a month.

>calls shaylith and blasts Marvin Gaye into the phone

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