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For the past couple of years, my favorite thing to wear in summer has been a pair of comfy khaki cargo pants and a spaghetti-strand tank top, which I think is technically called a camisole. I got three of these camisoles at Old Navy in 2002, before I left for Taylor Ranch. They were grey, black, and grey-green in color, had built-in bras, crossed straps in back, and were fitted enough to look good, but loose enough to be comfortable. I really like them because the tiny straps give me lots of arm movement, they look good on me, they're nice and cool, and they're made from a stretchy material that's cottony enough to not catch on the calluses on my hands, but doesn't pill up. I *hate* pilled fabric.

I thought about buying more at the time, but didn't. Then I wore them for two years...hiking, going to class, sleeping, haying, working...and they started to get used. They're still okay, but they're getting a little stretched from wear. I'm nervous about the green one in public. I've gone back to Old Navy every time I was home since then, wanting to get more, more, all they had, but they never had the kind I liked after that.

I tried getting them other places, but no luck. These were too loose, these were WAY too tight, these were too silky and caught on my hands. I almost gave up.

Then I went to Old Navy yesterday, and they were BACK.

They're not exactly the same, of course. The straps are adjustable now (which I don't really like, because they look like bra straps), and they aren't crossed in the back, but they're pretty darned close. And the material is the same, and in new colors.

I swear, I want a zillion. I want one set to wear outside, one set to wear while sleeping, and a zillion others to keep so I will never be without them for the rest of my life. I hope that doesn't sound too psychotic.

I bought FIVE (on sale, $8.50). Two black, one light blue, one lighter blue, and one lavender. I must have MORE.

And one one hand, I'm concerned with Old Navy's business practices...but, they're the only store that makes this product that I want. It's the same reason I only get my jeans at the Gap once every two years...they're the only company that makes the jeans that fit me. I guess I can't feel too guilty about that. I hope.


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