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Words fail me...

This is one of the Argonaut's letters to the editor, regarding the theft and attempted burning of the GSA's flag. I wish I was more surprised than I am.

Dear editor:
While the recent resignations of President Swisher and the three ASUI senators who attempted to burn the GSA flag strike me as an overreaction, this affair underscores the need for truly effective action to be taken against an objectionable campus organization.
Understanding the senators' objection to the Gay Straight Alliance is not hard. Sodomy is not only something that most of us find repulsive, it is also a criminal offense in the state of Idaho, punishable by a minimum sentence of five years' imprisonment. The university should not permit an on-campus group dedicated to persons whose common interest is a desire to commit criminal acts.
What is objectionable about Sens. Henman, Smith, and Sturgill's actions against the GSA is not that they opposed the group, but the way in which they chose to do it. Stealing a flag was a dumb college prank that only made them look immature. They should have instead brought pressure to bear on the university to ban the GSA as a group that promotes criminal behavior. Should the administration have proven intransigent in this matter, the senators could then to appeal to the state, to whose regulations the university is subject.
What Henman, Smith and Sturgill did was foolish. But their culpability in this affair pales in comparison to that of whoever permitted the GSA to operate on campus in the first place. These individuals have been the most seriously remiss in their duties, and they should resign their offices.

Alex Wells

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