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I got my reply from David today.

The reply on the job I wanted, referenced in this post

Hi (my name)...

I decided to give the mentor job to another candidate. This was a first time process for me (deciding between several extremely talented people)- a bit humbling and not very fun. It was especially hard since I know you from Cons. Bio. and think you're an exceptional student and human being.

In terms of academic background, level of insight into western issues, and overall motivation, you were definitely the stronger applicant.

At the end of the day, though, I felt that your outlook was very similar to mine. Pro-conservation, literary, slightly impatient with the whole resource-centered mentality.

I'm in no way saying that you couldn't have been a fair and open-minded mentor for the students. I think you could have, and I think it would have been a great experience for you.

However, the other candidate was from Salmon, had a parent who ran a logging company...was deeply steeped in the sharp edge of many of these local debates. I felt that she would complement my outlook and belief system in a manner that would enhance the class.

That ended up being my deciding factor (the other candidate was also an excellent student, with a strong pallete of skills). The choice ended up feeling almost capricous- it was a matter of trying to do justice to two great people.

Anyhow, I hope you understand what a top-tier scholar and person you are. I wish I could have taken you both. Feel free to come in and yell at me if you like.

So, I'm disappointed that I won't be working with this class next semester, but I totally understand David's reasons for choosing the other candidate, and I think that will create a very interesting (and cool) dynamic for the semester. It's likely that the two of us together might have unbalanced the class a bit, and maybe there's no better way to talk about these issues from varying perspectives than by having instructors with different backgrounds and ideas.

It was nice of him to take the time to openly recognize my strengths. Most professors wouldn't have bothered to do that. Yeah, I'm disappointed I didn't get it, but I'm not devastated or anything.

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